I promised data. This is one of the two BronyStudy posters we presented last weekend at the Southwest Psychological Association.

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Colder today than expected and I am walking the riverwalk humming Let it go”

Photo Issues

having trouble uploading images…this upsets me

the puppy I just tried to upload apparently works…

she is also neither a ho or a trick…but a puppy…

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"Are bitches shit more than hoes and tricks, contrary to the Gospel of Dre?" by Anonymous


Concerning the Gospel of Dre, while he was known to use his lyrical adepetitudes 

tumblr is being difficult…

anyway while he was likely to use his lyrical adeptitudes to spout lines such as that in order to sell records, if you consult the Gosepl of Dre you will find that he also said

"Black women are the strongest most hardworking people on Earth" 

this does imply a standing respect for women. Furthermore there is a plethora of research and history exemplifying the achievements and greatness of women throughout history and in current events and to state otherwise is not only a disservice to women everywhere but it says a lot about the individual who was birthed from a woman. Stating otherwise and using demeaning nature as Dre has in his song only shows it as the sexist and overly generalized statement it is.

"Are bitches shit more than hoes and tricks, contrary to the Gospel of Dre?" by Anonymous

Concerning the Gospel of Dre, while he was known to use his lyrical adepetitudes 

The Professor is In!

I am at a psychology convention ( and after a long day discussing and presenting I am settling down in my hotel room.

Send me asks, questions, whatever!

I am tired of not updating and posting so here is your chance those who still follow me…or anyone else. I am here and you have my attention.

I am also working on uploading and previewing a bronystudy poster we are presenting Saturday early!

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Southwest Psychological Association


I am in San Antonio this weekend attending SWPA. I plan on posting our fan studies poster information tonight.

It’s been great so far, this morning I got to talk to several people and also saw a poster presentation on teaching psychology using horror, cuthulu, and zombies. I am thinking on convincing the department to let me do a class on it come next Spring!

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You Know What’s Worse Than a Rejection Letter:

So, I get another year off from a PhD program. While there could be dozens of reasons I didn’t get in, that is definitely not what is stressing me. I also have to reapply for my job this year and it comes with a chance I won’t keep it. Sorry for any bother but I need to get it out and move on with my day.

Apparently during the term of the last Interim department head, I was pushed through to full time without being vetted. I had questioned it, no one could give me a direct answer and apparently some people complained at the time and during another search. So while I understand the need and importance of procedure, I am worried I may not have my full time position in the Fall. I’ll still be able to stay on part time, but it means essentially 1/2 pay and most likely a need to go back to working retail or finding another part time job until someone else leaves, which is highly unlikely anytime soon.

I think I have a good shot. 4 years of teaching experience (2 in my current full-time position), a lot of current research, and they would have to give my current responsibilities outside of teaching that I do for service and other job related reasons to other faculty members. And there is only one other person, another Instructor who I used to share an office with, that is going up for the position. I am still incredibly worried and anxious. 

I want to cancel everything for the rest of the day and go home to my son and wife and get hugs. 

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I am typing up a massive discussion section on a massive set of data concerning fan typology differences within the Brony fandom. It has led me to some pretty interesting conclusions as well as some potentially powerful hypotheses for future examination and research.

some of which may help to…

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So…Saturday I was in New Orleans. My brother and his wife Beth got a group of friends together and we entered the group costume contest as the 7 dwarves. My only 2 stipulations is we did Tolkienesque dwarves and I could be Doc. 

Turns out after the worst wait ever (4 hours before we got on stage because of Heroes of Cosplay) we ended up winning!!!!!!!!!!!!

My share of the winnings paid for parking. Totally worth it to win and so happy our work paid off. You cant see a lot of the minute detail but we were so personalized and ended up just playing our characters on stage well enough to win. (Sleepy has a bearded sock monkey I wanted to steal).

Ill post some more pictures as they come in and I upload them. I am the grey bearded dwarf, inspecting the diamond you cannot quite see.